With video editing today, it’s hard to trust what one sees online. It gets a little easier when the poster doesn’t have the chance for editing.

Rubzy, a Youtube Gamer, was broadcasting his normal stream when in the background all hell broke loose. Two doors behind him are the stage for what sure looks like some paranormal activity.

The door on the right opens slowly and then slams with a large thud causing Rubzy to jump and spin around in the middle of playing. The light emanating from the other door then turns on.

Rubzy investigates and turns off the light. The light turns back on, and the door continues to move. The Youtuber was visibly shaken and cut off the live stream early. Rubzy had apparently claimed previously that he had seen strange things and his apartment was haunted.

He was playing a game called Outlast 2, a noted horror video game.

Now when evaluating the authenticity of the paranormal activity in this video, there is plenty for both sides to sink their teeth into.

Rubzy live streaming the incident certainly helps the audience believe that what they are seeing is real. His reactions read as real. Gamers are not necessarily the best actors, and the reactions were spot on. The spin after the door slammed and the headphones flying off was so perfect that if it weren’t live streamed it would have been pegged as scripted. With how he goes to investigate, he would have almost certainly seen a person who was pranking him.

Skeptics have plenty of holes to poke in this sighting. Youtubers are well-known for their prank videos. They rack up views more consistently than almost anything. Three of Rubzy’s top five most viewed videos have to do with ghosts and hauntings. If it was fake, the paranormal activity could have easily been faked by one person using the wall and the couch at the perfect height to conceal him or herself.

The final piece of the puzzle is the video game Rubzy is playing. The fact all of this went down while he was playing a notoriously terrifying game does not seem insignificant. It could be he was predisposed to be visited by a spirit with his mind already in that space from the game. Or, it could be that this was some product tie-in or attempt at viral marketing.

Do you think Rubzy was in the presence of some supernatural force or is this more Youtube fakery?

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