Do you believe in the futuristic concept of time travel? You may not, but one man does, and he claims to have met his future self.

If you’re sitting there having read those words with a confused look on your face, rest assured you are not alone. A man by the name of Noah Novak, who has told the masses he is from the year 2040, is claiming to have met his future self from the year 2070. How exactly is that possible, you ask? It might not be, but Mr. Novak is dead set on convincing us otherwise.

Novak recently did an interview with news outlet Apex TV and spoke at length about his encounter with the future version of himself, and though he opted to not use a fake name to mask his true identity, he spoke using software designed to change his voice and with a large blur covering his face. Are you even more confused? You should be.

Time Traveler Meets His Future Self

He claims the future version of himself was well educated on a number of matters concerning his personal life, details he claims nobody but himself would know, stopping short of revealing specific information for fear the government from tracking him down. Future Novak doubled down on the secrecy when he stated that he was outfitted with a microchip of sorts that is designed to prevent him from revealing certain details that could potentially change a series of events. Does this all make sense now? Eye roll.

In an effort to convince the masses of his truthfulness and his sanity, future Novak went as far as making a number of bold claims regarding events that will happen in the future, things he’s apparently witnessed with his own eyes. Among these are Donald Trump being reelected as president of the United States in the year 2020, global warming raising the temperatures in North America while lowering them in Europe, humans flying to Mars in the year 2028, a number of types of cancer being cured, mobile phones growing in size and scale even more than they already have, and electric automobiles having the ability to reach top speeds of nearly 600mph. If that doesn’t sound safe, we don’t know what does.

Time will tell if Novak is actually a trendsetter from the future or someone that deserves their rightful place in the loony bin, but for now, all we can do is remain heavily skeptical. If what Novak claims is true, just imagine the kind of help a conversation with our future selves could be when we decide to bet on sports games. Gambling? Not anymore.

Let’s see where the future takes us.

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